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I'm so glad to have you here! I'm your friend Hannah! I help women go from overwhelmed to thriving and living with purpose.

TJT is commited to guiding Christian moms and families to Jesus through everyday life and showing you how to live a life well lived, strengthen your marriage, and parent kids that become world changers. Get a coffee, get comfortable, and stay awhile!

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Three Pillars to Store Up Your Treasures

Helping overwhelmed parents reduce overwhelm and prioritize what matters to thrive.



You store up your treasures by investing in your relationship with Him like you would a friend, because He is your friend!



You store up your treasures by intentional love in daily actions toward your husband. God is the rock, but your marriage is like the home.



You store up your treasures in your children by loving them fiercely in a love that mimics God’s love for us, by implementing godly principles and correction, and constantly pointing your children back to Jesus.

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Meet Hannah

Hi there! I'm Hannah, the writer and face behind TJT! It's my hope that this site is an absolute encouragement to all who come to it.

Here you can expect to find community, tools to strengthen your marriage, parent in a way that honors God. I help women like you beat overwhelm, seek God, and start to press inot your potential so you can be the best woman, wife and mom you can be!

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