Writer’s block is so real! All writers and content creators have days where they just feel stuck. If you feel like that today, check out these questions to ask yourself when you don’t know what to write to get your creative juices flowing!

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I’ve had so many times when I sat down to create something and just didn’t have anything. I didn’t know what to write and no amount of brainstorming was getting me there.

These are the questions I ask myself when I don’t know what to write! I hope they help you like they have me!

Banish Writer’s Block Instantly with These Questions:

1. What is on Pinterest trends?

This is a great trick I learned from Pinterest with Ell (if you don’t know what that is, you can read all about it here!)!

When you have a business account, which Ell shows you how to set up, you can go to analytics 👉 trends to see what is trending right now and when different topics spiked the year before, so you can make sure your content is always timely and relevant to what people are searching for right now!

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2. What is popular on Pinterest right now? 

This isn’t the same as Trends! 🙂 Trends shows you what has historically spiked at certain time frames and gives you the ability to search phrase. What’s popular on Pinterest shows you what is popular currently!

You can see this by clicking in the Pinterest search bar and scrolling down.

Pinterest popular searches

This super simple tip will show you what is popular and being searched currently.

It changes pretty often, but you’ll notice many of the searches stay for a week or so at a time. 

Make sure you’re looking at “Popular on Pinterest” and not “Ideas for You”. “Ideas for You” is customized based on your recent searches.

3. What’s coming up?

Look at a calendar and count up 6 weeks from now.

That’s the average time people start thinking about events, holidays, etc. 

For example, right now it’s the last week of July, so I know that back to school is coming up. With Covid being a thing this year, many families (including us) are choosing homeschooling which explains why “homeschool organization” is popular right now.

Here in maybe a week or so fall related themes will get more popular, so I’ll start repping my DIY Fall Wreath soon.

4. What are my top posts in Google Analytics?

Google Analytics is such an incredible tool because you can use the data to determine your audience’s wants and needs and figure out how to better cater to that. It can show you things you never would have seen coming! 

For example, my post on how to create a Postpartum Care Kit went viral and has been my top post for probably three months now. I never would have seen that coming! I have posts that I personally liked a lot more, but that’s what my audience loved!

According to Google Analytics, right now my top posts are:

10 Miracle Products for Your Postpartum Recovery Basket to Accelerate Your Healing

Exhilarating Bucket List Ideas to Live an Exceptional Life

Ultimate List of Hobby Ideas + Resources to Get You Started 👈 This one has also been in my top 5 for months!

Easy DIY Pregnancy Announcement to Friends and Family with Big Siblings

37 At Home Date Nights for After the Kids Go to Bed

top posts in Google Analytics

Seeing this helps me see what my readers are loving most and what topics to create more content around! This tells me what my people need, what they love, and gets me asking myself how I can give them something that will make their lives easier.

This tells exactly you what your readers need from you. Look at content they’re enjoying and try to do spinoffs on similar topics. For example, since my readers loved that postpartum basket so much, I heard that and did a an ultimate postpartum guide post.

Pro tip: This is also one of the ways I decide which articles to promote on Pinterest each week!

5. What are my top pins in Tailwind analytics?

You can also see this in Pinterest Analytics, but Pinterest is known for glitches so I tend to take those with a grain of salt. I always trust Tailwind and Google more. These should generally line up very closely with your top posts in Google.

Go to insights 👉 Top pins to see yours!

Top pins in Tailwind Analytics

Pro tip: You’re always looking at clicks over saves. Saves are fine because they are circulating, but ultimately clicks are your traffic! 

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6. What does God have for me to share?

There has been more than one occasion where I had a post all ready and cued up for the week when God gave me something totally different. I love sharing what is on my heart, but ultimately, what’s on His matters more.

That happened to me when I wrote 67 Worship Songs for Overcomers. 

Sometimes all it takes is a simple question: “God, what do I write?”

7. What are people talking about?

What are the big, current topics right now that are on everyone’s minds?

Have you seen the same headlines coming up on big news sources? What keeps getting shared on social media?

Are other bloggers talking about a common theme (don’t copy what they wrote – but if you have your own thoughts on a similar topic, feel free to make it your own!)?

Right now, Covid is still a big deal. Masks are a big deal. Kids going back to school and the guidelines instated are a big concern by parents. The Wayfair sex trafficking scandal is a big deal. 

This would be a great time to write posts about:

  • Tips to keep your family from being victims of sex trafficking
  • How to make a difference in human trafficking / Petitions to sign
  • How to keep your kids safe / Concerns about going back to school
  • Homeschool organization
  • Why we chose to homeschool / Things to consider
  • Pros and cons of homeschooling
  • The effectiveness (or ineffectiveness) of masks if you have a medical background or have done research on the topic from credible sources
  • Activities for kids to do at home (this post was very popular in April and May)
  • At home date nights (this is still one of my top posts!)
  • Ways to be productive while at home
  • Workouts to do at home
  • Benefits of selling your home in 2020 (housing market is great for sellers in my area right now!)

8. What will bring you the most revenue?

How can you promote things that will bring you revenue?

I’ve been getting more into affiliate marketing in the last few months and a few of my favorite types of posts to write to include affiliate links are:

9. What is on your heart?

This one is easy to forget, but honestly, what’s on your heart? One of the best parts about blogging is that it’s like your own personal platform to share your creative side and share your heart.

I have written many posts that answered no questions in this post except for this one: it was just on my heart. If you have something you want to share that you think could help someone else, who cares if it’ll turn up in Google ranks? 

Just like Jesus leaves the 99 to go after the 1 – write to the one.

I can tell you 100% that no one was Googling Hacks to Tap into Joy or Habits to Help Busy Moms Thrive, but I wrote them anyway because they were on my heart and I knew they could help somebody; even if it was only one person.

Share it, sis. Helping others always trumps everything else – even search ratings.

10) What are other writers in your niche writing about?

I want to offer a word of caution here and ask of you to please not copy other’s content. Looking for inspiration and copying their ideas are not the same thing.

I don’t know why here lately it seems like plagarism is getting to be a bigger and bigger problem. It’s incredibly unforunate because everybody has to start somewhere, and it stinks for the smaller bloggers who have smaller followings and can’t compete with the audience of larger influencers.

We all have to start somewhere and we can always offer others a leg up, and guess what? It’s not going to hurt us; in fact, it might even earn you some extra respect to bring real value to your audience while expecting nothing in return.

It can help other influencers like you, and you might even earn yourself some genuine followers from someone else’s following without hurting either one of you to get there.

That said, if someone else had an idea that you have different thoughts on and can make your own, that’s a different thing entirely! Everyone has opionions on everything, and one of the best parts about blogging is the space and freedom to express your own and have your own voice.

Keeping your authenticity is what makes you unique. You are a snowflake and you don’t have to copy others to have success.

11) Bonus Tip

Keep notes in your phone with ideas as they come to you. Answer questions or write down lists or things that are on your mind. They seem to leave as quickly as they come 😂

When I’m feeling stuck, I always go back through my article ideas and there is almost always something that strikes me that I can write!

Writer’s block has NOTHING on you!

Did this help get your creative juices flowing?

We’ve all had those slumps where we don’t know what to write, but you’ll get through it and your creativity will come back in dividends!

If you enjoyed this post, save it for later!

Leave a comment below and tell me your favorite thing to look at when you don’t know what to write!

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