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I LOVE stockings, and I always do my best to stuff awesome ones.

I just love a stocking filled with joy. And since we focus on gifting our girls experiences over things (I wrote a whole post about that here), this is a fun little place to give them some small, new things. 

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I also try to do it as frugally as possible. 

Here are my top 7 favorite places to look for stocking stuffers:

  1. Amazon. Because they have literally everything under the sun that’s ever been created and they deliver it right to my door so fast I usually forgot I ordered something. Win win win! Wins everywhere!
  2. Walmart. One of my biggest tricks is to look at party favors and in the travel section. Sometimes they have some cool little things!
  3. Dollar General.
  4. Dollar Tree. Mainly for coloring books and art stuff.
  5. Michael’s. Mainly for hobby things.
  6. Hobby Lobby. Because they have literally everything you could ever need. Except coffee.
  7. Target. I like Target for some outside-the-box things Walmart or other stores might not have.

If you play your cards right, nearly all of these could easily be under $10, and many are even under $5!

*Please note that all of these are all at Mom and Dad’s discretion. You know what your kiddos can handle and when! This list is targeted for kids under 8, which is a huge range in terms of development. Remember never to give babies anything smaller than the palm of their hands and to always supervise them when using any of these items. 

Here we go!  

Silly bands.

Silly putty.

Change or a few dollars. Mine think they’re big stuff with their little doggie piggie banks that eat their money.

A mini etch-a-sketch.

Small books.

Pencils. Regular or colored.


A small coloring book.

Water wow.

Travel sized puzzles.

Travel sized games.

Mini stuffed animal.


Homemade hair bows.

Hair bands or clips.


Nail polish.

Play doh.



Bath toys.

Finger pants.


Bath paint. 

Bath bombs.


Toothbrush and toothpaste.


Favorite characters (like a little Minnie Mouse or princesses).

Mittens or gloves.


Little people.

Cup or a sippy cup.


Organic fruit snacks.


Small spirograph.


Play jewelry.



Play food set. We love Melissa and Doug!


Character band-aids.

Finger puppets.

Matching cards game.

Crazy straws.

Earrings. Sticky ones or real ones if they have their ears pierced.


Flashlight with shapes covers.

Comb or brush.






Tools set.


Slippers. My girls have about 8 pairs of slippers and a special love in their hearts for each and every pair.


Doll clothes.

Doll accessories.



A list of things you love about them. My personal favorite!

Fruit. Orange, apple, banana… Sounds lame, but remember the kid that got an avocado? My kids would be thrilled with a banana lol!

Pocket hand warmers.

Kids’ clif bars.


Glow sticks.

Play packs. Walmart has these in with the books. They’re little packs with coloring books, a few crayons, and stickers.

Beads and string.


$5 gift cards. Think chocolate milk/coffee date with mom, ice cream, Amazon, or another favorite place!

Personalized decals for a favorite toy.

Rubik’s cube.


Homemade “coupons” for special time with Mommy or Daddy, free pass on a chore, their favorite dinner, etc.

Hand sanitizer with carrier for their backpacks.

Christmas Oreos. Why do they taste better than the regular ones??

A homemade treat.

Hot chocolate packet.

Body glitter. They still have that, right?

Safety scissors.

New undies.

Homemade Christmas cards made from their siblings.


Raisins. Mine love yogurt covered ones, especially.

Lip balm.



Stacking cups.


Slap bracelets.

Keychain for their backpacks. I got Sophia and Ella one when they started school and the loved them!

“Coupon” to go to a favorite play place.


Wooden shapes or letters to color or paint.

Picture frame to decorate. I got several of these at Michael’s in the 99 cent section!

Play make up. Like the fakes one that look like make up, unless you’re braver than I am.

What are your favorite stocking stuffers? Leave a comment below sharing yours! Remember to share this for your friends and pin it for later!

Merry Christmas, friend!

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