These activities are perfect to do at home with kids to keep busy, engaged, and learning through fun and play! They perfect for homeschooling and distance learning, or just a Saturday morning!

This list is specifically geared towards making connections, family bonding, and keeping the fun in learning that will leave them wanting more!

⚠️ I’m warning you now: approach with coffee in hand. ☕⚠️

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Fun Activities by Subject

Art Activities

💡 Geometric canvas. Make masking tape pattern on canvases and let kids paint the patterns! This is my favorite paint set!

💡 Handprint butterflies. Construction paper, kid safe scissors, and jumbo glue sticks (perfect for tiny hands!) have been our saving grace during these weeks where we’ve been stuck at home!

child painting on canvas

💡 Mosaics. We did rainbows!

💡 Q-tip painting. Have a pattern to follow, do their name, or let them freestyle it!

children painting with Q-tips

💡 Paint kindness rocks or other decorations for your garden or flower beds. I recommend paint pens as they’re easier to make neater designs on smaller rocks, but acrylic paint could work well here, too!

💡 Make a rocket ship out of construction paper. Have kids cut out one triangle and 9 squares, number them, then glue to large piece of construction paper or two pieces stapled together.

💡 Do paint or color by numbers. This can also be a Spanish activity. You can also make your own out of any coloring page! 

💡 Hand tracing. Make an animal out of your hand!

💡 Make cards for someone who is homebound and mail to them.

💡 Cotton ball, marshmallow, or toilet paper ring painting.

💡 Make a suncatcher. 

💡 Origami. I recommend starting with a book of step-by-step projects and some double sided origami paper!

💡 Make a tie wreath. Or if Mom is bored, make your own DIY Fall Wreath!

💡 Pom pom banners. My girls LOVE pom poms like these!

child painting her name

Math Activities (preschool level)

💡 Blank puzzle. We have this puzzle and our girls love it! It’s pretty large, which works well for them, and it came already numbered on one side. You could use the other size to learn numbers by 2s, 5s, 10s, or use your paint pens or acrylic paint to make your own puzzle!

💡 Print ice cream scoops. Write numbers by 10s to learn to count to 100. 

💡 Practice ABAB or ABBABB patterns. Create patterns with Legos chains or chainrings with construction paper. We play with this Legos set all the time, and it’s turned into a great learning tool for us, too!

We got these for Ella for her birthday and all the girls love them! We have used these to work on colors, sorting, patterns, and same/difference concepts. I love the creativity they encourage to make different objects, shapes, and more!

Literacy & Writing Activities

💡 Read read read! Pro tip: reading out loud is more fun when you enjoy what you’re reading. We’ve been reading Little House in the Big Woods every night. The Little House on the Prairie series has been one of my favorites since I was a little girl! 

💡 Word searches.

💡 Writing practice.

💡 Name tracing practice. I use to create free worksheets for name tracing practice!

children writing their names

💡 Recognizing letters in everyday life.

💡 Read Dr. Suess books with fingers under the word to work on sight words. The Lorax, Oh the Places You’ll Go, and Green Eggs and Ham are some of our favorites. If you’re just getting started with Dr. Suess, I would start with a Dr. Suess collection like this one

Outdoor Activities

💡 Hopscotch.  

💡 Do a scavenger hunt. We have done and really enjoyed some nature scavenger hunts, like this one!

💡 Practice riding a bike, scooter, or tricycle.

💡 Write encouraging notes in sidewalk chalk. 

💡 Bubble blowing competition.

💡 Fly a kite.

💡 Try a new recipe on the grill.

💡 Eat outside.

💡 Built a blanket for between the trees.

💡 Play I Spy.

💡 Paint the fence with water.

💡 Go for a walk. 

💡 Go for a scenic drive. Do a scavenger hunt or road bingo as you drive! 

💡 Start a garden. Talk about different plants, foods, how they grow and what they need to grow. 

💡 Play your favorite sport. Our girls wouldn’t know what to do without their basketball hoop!

💡 Jump rope.

💡 Play with kinetic sand. Sophia and Ella love their kinetic sand! I would be lying if I said it’s not kind of fun for me, too. It feels weird, but in a good way. Plus it’s easier to make shapes with!

💡 Play in a sandbox. Sand tables are a lot of fun! I love that this one because it has a lid. For a sandbox, I absolutely recommend one like this with a lid to keep critters out.

💡 Make an obstacle course.

💡 Start a fairy garden.

child exploring pine cones and dyed pasta on a string

Indoor Activities

💡 Make slime.

💡 Make Play Doh. I shared my favorite homemade recipe in my Facebook group! Just search “DIY play dough” in the search box!

children with homemade play dough

💡 Build a blanket fort. Watch a movie, have snacks, or make shadow puppets inside! 

💡 Tea party! Complete it with classical music, princess dresses, and bite-sized snacks.

girls having a tea party

💡 Puzzle piece scavenger hunt. Hide puzzle pieces around your house and let them go crazy looking for them! We love using our jumbo floor puzzle for this. You could also do Easter eggs. 

💡 Play with magnetic blocks or magnetic tiles. These are a blast because they challenge little minds to be creative!

💡 Explore or create a memory box.

💡 Look at family photos.

💡 Weave on a loom.

💡 Spa night or manicure with Mom. I love these face masks!

💡 Make the ultimate train or car track with masking tape.

💡 String dyed pasta on string to make a necklace.

💡 Make a Jacob’s ladder with string.

💡 Put on a play.

💡 Make sock puppets. Put on a puppet show!

💡 Kitchen dance party.

💡 Plant flowers in a pot.

💡 Camp out in the living room.

💡 Put a projector up. Watch a movie with popcorn and hot chocolate. 

💡 Make an indoor beach. Put on swimsuits, break out towels and sunglasses.

💡 Use big boxes to make a boat, truck, or town! 

💡 Put kids in a big box with crayons and tell them to decorate the inside. 

💡 Do Christmas activities because why not? 

💡 Do a yoga video on Cosmic Kids

💡 Do the hokey pokey, chicken dance, or kids worship songs.

Cooking Activities

💡 Read + Bake

• Read: 

  1. If You Give A Moose a Muffin
  2. If You Give a Mouse a Cookie
  3. The Very Hungry Caterpillar
  4. The B Book

• Bake: 

  1. Muffins
  2. Cookies
  3. Pull apart cupcakes in a caterpillar shape
  4. Brownies

💡 Homemade granola bars.

💡 Homemade bread.

💡 Homemade peanut butter.

💡 Have them make their own sandwich.

💡 Bake homemade cupcakes. Let the kids help decorate! 

💡 Watch Tasty videos. My kids are OBSESSED with these 😂

💡 Explain anything you’re cooking as you’re doing it and why you do it that way. 

💡 Homemade muffins.

💡 Easy yogurt or pudding pops. These are so fun for kids and easy to do! Our favorites are yogurt with chopped fruit or pudding with sprinkles. Simply layer them in a popsicle mold and freeze for a few hours for an easy treat kids love!

Music Activities

💡 Make your own instruments.

💡 Sing of the Bible songs.

💡 Sing Happy Birthday to anyone who has a birthday soon.

💡 Highs and lows vocal exploration.

💡 Nursery rhymes with hand motions.

💡 ABCs with sign language.

💡 Listen to classical music. Learn about ballroom dancing. Little ones can wear princess dresses or play with princesses! 

💡 Listen to Super simple songs on YouTube.

Science Activities

💡 Plant flowers. Talk about photosynthesis, why we need flowers, letter incorporation, etc.

💡 Learn about our bodies in parts or body systems.

💡 Learn parts of animals. How are they different from you and me? 

💡 Learn about hummingbirds. Make food for a feeder and hang if you have one.

Quiet Time // Screen Time Activities 

💡 YouTube audiobooks.  

💡 Alexa storytime.

💡 Coloring.

💡 Reading Eggs & Math Seeds.

💡 Virtual tours on Facebook.

💡 Cincinnati Zoo home safari.

💡 ABC Mouse + learnings apps on tablets.

💡 Puzzles.

💡 Watch Signing Time + Read books. We have loved these from all four volumes of Baby Signing Time through Signing Time! There’s the freedom to jump around between series one or series two if you already know some signs! They also have books and flashcards that are fantastic.

💡 Make a city with Duplos Legos.

💡 Brain Quest workbooks.

💡 Highlights for Children workbooks.

💡 Watch a story on 100 Bible Stories for Kids.

Things to do with Kids to Promote Sensory // Motor skills 

💡 Make a sensory bin. Fill a bin with water, dry rice, dry beans, dry pasta with scoops, measuring cups or spoons, little people, etc. 

💡 Dye pasta. Mix a few drops of acrylic paint in a baggie with dry pasta. Work on mixing colors by letting them mix 2 and guess what color it will make. 

💡 Have them sort pasta out by shape or color. 

💡 Make a “storm in a bottle”. Mix blue food coloring with water about 2/3 of the way up a bottle + 1/3 canola oil. Talk about why the oil and water won’t mix (we did this when we talked about Jesus calming the storm). 

💡 Make sensory bottles. These can literally be out of anything! This week we made the storm in a bottle, a bottle with glitter (our calm down bottle for my 3 year old), and one with dry colored pasta. My 1 year old LOVES these!

💡 String beads on pipe cleaners or string.

💡 Ripping or cutting paper.

💡 Cheerio stacking or stringing.

Activities Just Because You’re a Cool Mom

💡 Make a ball pit. We literally blew up our inflatable pool in the house, and filled it with about 1,000 balls, and it’s been the biggest hit of anything we’ve done in years! I love that these balls are BPA free.

💡 Blow up a bouncy house. These can be really pricey, but this one is like the one we have and is very competitively priced. Please note it is made for younger kids (ages 1-6). I love the ball pit option!!

💡 Play doh. Add cookie cutters! Make it homemade or use store-bought Play doh. This Wilton’s cookie cutters set has so many fun options! We have used our set to trace and cut out fabric shapes, too. Fun fact: They stick to the back of the couch. 

three girls in ball pit

💡 Record a video and send to grandparents or bless someone else who can’t leave their home with cards or drawings.

💡 Talk about the season and weather today.

💡 Globe exploring. Talk about where we live, continent names, different countries and states.

💡 Use cookie cutters on sandwiches to make lunch more fun.

💡 Make hot chocolate. Let them add the marshmallows! 

💡 Pick a profession, planet, body system, country, animal, culture, holiday, food, or anything else to learn about! YouTube has a video for everything.

💡 Teach them how to take care of the family pet.

💡 Ask the kids something that they want to learn about and go with it.

💡 Make your own puzzle! Either order a blanket one to color or print a template, glue to cardboard, and cut out.

💡 Redecorate or reorganize their room. 

💡 Take a nap. For mom or kids. You’ll all need it! 😂

Tips for Parents 

💡 Use this time to draw near to God like never before.

Spend time in the Word daily and keep your faith tank full to keep fear and anxiety at bay. We love listening to Todd White and worshiping with Elevation Worship

💡 Savor the quality time with your spouse if you’re spending extra time together.

Joey’s been able to be home, and I see others complaining about their spouses being home, but honestly… I love it. Love on your spouse a little extra. Nurture the most important relationship in your life. 

💡 Put your phone down more and enjoy slowing down and being with your kids.

Really BEING with them – not just physically present. Get on their level, look in their eyes, ask them questions. Make them feel heard and seen. Use this time as a refresh and a reset

This is a time where so many things that use up our time are just gone for the time being. No appointments, no getting everyone ready, no driving in the car, no sports, nowhere to be. It’s an absolute fluke, but we can use the time as a blessing, because very likely, this will never happen again in our lifetimes.

💡 Challenge yourself to learn something new. 

💡 Lower your expectations and give yourself grace.

If you’re struggling, take comfort that this is just a season. It will pass, and we’re all going to be alright. 

I encourage you to take advantage of this time to slow down the pace and life and enjoy being present with the most important people in your life. I know I am. Challenge yourself to have the mentality that we are not “stuck at home”; we’re safe at home.

Very likely, this opportunity for uninterrupted time will never come again. 

If the biggest impact of Coronavirus on our lives is more time to be with our families, I consider us very, very blessed.

I hope you enjoyed this list of super fun things to do with kids at home and that it helps keep you busy during social distancing!

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