Fall is in the air, and it’s a fact of life that fall activities are the best activities! Everything is better in the fall, from the food, to the drinks, to the air, to the fun. I’m so inspired and just generally happy and excited all fall long. I’m so excited to share with you some of my favorite fall activities to do as a family!

I feel like a better person when a pumpkin apple candle is burning.

I’m a better mom when the crisp air is flowing through my house.

Pretty sure I’m a better wife when the leaves are orange, red, and yellow.

Just generally, I’m happier with a pumpkin cream bold brew in my hand. I literally put in my calendar when pumpkin spice comes back and you better believe I’ll be making a special trip for a pumpkin cream cold brew next Friday.

I live for Jesus and fall.

We always have a plethora of activities we try to hit every fall, and these are some of our absolute favorites that I think you’ll love, too! 


18 Family Activities That Make Fall Even Better

Visit a farm.

We have had so much fun at farms with our kids! We’ve gone with their preschool (at the time) or as a family. 

Many of them have fall festivals with things like: fall treats, hayrides, pumpkin picking, pumpkin shooting, farm animals, playgrounds, pumpkin painting, and more! 

The one we went to last year even had this a big hay bale “playground” set up, the cycle of how corn is made into feed for farm animals, hayride to visit the cows out in the pasture, and a corn pit. The kids had an absolute blast!

Visit a pumpkin patch. 

A lot of farms and fall festivals have these, but I’ve also seen them as standalone patches. The kids love picking pumpkins! 

Pro tip: Bring a wagon if the field is a little walk. Those things get heavy! 

Go home and paint your pumpkin! 

Because of the history of Jack-O-Lanterns, we don’t carve pumpkins, so we paint them instead! This has been a big hit each year.

Pro tip: This is hilarious, but one year I mindlessly let the girls paint their pumpkins… With water color paint. You can imagine the disappointed tear slinging fest that ensued when they watched the rain wash their pumpkins clean one sad fall day. Remember the acrylic paint for this one 😂

Fall festivals.

Maybe farms aren’t your jam. That’s okay! They do stink and they can be muddy. I don’t mind them, but I get it. I have seen a ton of fall festivals that are not at farms, which you might like better if that sounds like you! 

Pro tip: Use Air BnB and Facebook to find events near you! Many fall festivals have themes like pretzels, apples, apple cider, and pumpkins! 

Make pumpkin muffins.

There is never a wrong time for pumpkin. Pumpkin knows no seasons. But it tastes so good in the fall with a warm cup of coffee with it!

Pro tip: Teach your kids to cook by including them with you. I include my girls in my cooking often. I tell them what I’m doing and why. We talk about colors, fractions, measuring, letter sounds, and more. It really can be a well-rounded experience! 

Visit the apple orchard.

Apple orchards are so quaint and fun! There is one in the town I grew up in that I try to visit every season. It’s run by a little old couple and they’re so sweet and easy to talk to. 

I love engaging different generations and learning things from them; especially old arts like old fashioned baking. The lady there was so knowledgable in what kinds of apples worked best for different things! 

Make applesauce.

What are you going to do with all those apples?! Make applesauce obviously! I have been meaning to do this with my kids for a couple of years because it seems like such a fun tradition to start. I’m determined to do it this year! 

Visit a local farmer’s market.

I love farmer’s markets year-round, but like everything else, they’re better in the fall. I love supporting local farms and getting fresh produce. 

Fresh honey, apples, and green beans are some of my favorites!

Go on a nature-themed scavenger hunt.

Something like this one! Take it to the park or on a nature walk for a little extra fun! 

Craft kits from the craft store.

I’m sorry if I talk about Hobby Lobby too much, but they seriously have everything! I love their seasonal foam kits, craft kits, and wooden crafts for kids. We have done turkeys, leaves, Christmas themes and more!

Make a fall wreath together.

Depending on the age of your kids, they might have fun helping you make a Fall Wreath like this one! 

Or if they’re a little younger, something more like this would be fun!

Visit a petting zoo.

Petting zoos are a mixed bag. Sometimes they’re adorable, sometimes they’re a great place to lose a finger to a hungry goat. 

I always approach these with caution so all my kids leave with ten fingers, but it’s still fun for them to get close to the animals and see them up close when they don’t get the chance often!

Parent and me classes at craft stores.

Many craft stores like Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, and Joann Fabrics offer classes where you can learn to sew, craft, work with Cricuts, knit, decorate cakes and more! From what I’ve seen, they always have cute seasonal options!

Baking class or cookie decorating class.

Similar but a little different from the craft store classes, many local bakeries do cake or cookie decorating! This is another thing you can use Facebook events to find locally to you!

Painting class.

I have shared before how much fun we’ve had at Painting with a Twist! I think it’s really cool that they do kids’ classes, too! I’ve seen them starting as young as seven.

There is also a little craft studio for kids near us that does painting classes. Some of our favorite finds have been the small town places you kind of have to go looking for, but they’re so worth it!

Painting pottery.

Pottery studios are so much fun! Make a beautiful vase, plate, a little pumpkin or fox or something else! 

Fall photoshoot.

Sometimes it’s fun to just start taking pictures. Capture moments to relive them later and cherish those memories. You’ll never look back and think, “Well shoot, I have too many pictures!”

Corn maze.

Corn mazes are classic and so much fun! Many of theme have additional activities like hay bale mazes, hay rides, and roasting marshmallows!

Jump in leaves.

I saved the best for last because I’ve yet to know a kid who doesn’t love jumping in a big pile of leaves! This would be a fun addition to a photoshoot! 

Fall activities are the best activities! I hope you got some new ideas and that you have the best fall ever! Remember to pin this for later!

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