Journal prompts are the beginning of what can be an awesome experience, or a totally mediocre one. Journaling as become near and dear to my heart.

I have come to love journaling, and for me, some awesome journaling prompts to get my wheels turning are always helpful!

This is a fun list for challenging yourself when you want to grow in your relationship with Jesus!

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Can I tell you something? When I broke into blogging and I was all sparkling and new, I just wanted to do well. Like really, REALLY well. There was a huge learning curve (that I’m still on, to be honest), and I wanted to nail it all.

I wanted people to like me and like what I write. I wanted to have mass amounts of traffic and more offers and opportunities than I knew what to do with. I wanted to build relationships with blogging friends and go on comped trips.

Those things are still true. But in trying to be everything and do everything right, I did one thing very wrong: I started writing for what people wanted to read instead of writing what God put on my heart.

I started writing things people were searching for instead of the words He put in my heart to share with the one who needs it. He leaves the 99 to go after the one, and we’re supposed to be imitators of God. Instead of going after the one, I started using my platform, no matter how small it felt, to chase the 99, instead… Ouch.

I had a big epiphany where I felt massively convicted for watering down who I am and watering down the love of God at the desire of being liked and more “palatable” for people. I knew I had to change. So I started using this blog for what I had originally created it for (although I got distracted in the process): God’s glory, first, always.

Here’s the thing: whatever you’re doing, and whoever you are. Wherever you’re at; it doesn’t matter. If you give it to God first, if you make Him the center of your life, and you make how you do everything for His glory first and your benefit second, it will succeed.

If you strive to honor Him in motherhood, you’ll succeed. If you strive to honor Him in your marriage, it’ll be blessed. This fact holds true for anything at the end of that sentence, and this isn’t new news to me, so that’s what I’m doing here. I’m over here blogging first for His glory, and the rest will come. I know it will.

I drafted this post weeks ago and this isn’t even the day I usually post, but I couldn’t get it off my mind, so let’s go with it! So let’s dive in and run toward Jesus together! I’m going to be 100% transparent and answer of a few of these journal prompts myself to get your wheels turning.

27 Journal Prompts to Help You Grow in Your Relationship with Jesus

  1. How have I been giving God my all recently? I stopped using my blog for my benefit and trying to do it all by myself. I did what I should have been doing all along – and gave it to Him first. Every time I sit down to write, work, or create, I give it to Him and pray for wisdom, guidance, and direction.
  2. Have I been slipping in prioritizing Jesus in my life? Howso? I need to make a greater effort to spend more time reading my Bible instead of doing it simply to check it off my list. I want to be really in it to absorb without regard for what time it is, not simply to say I’ve done it.
  3. Name 10 ways God sees me. Fiercely loved, worth dying for, equals with Jesus, as His daughter, fearfully and wonderfully made, courageous, mighty, the apple of His eye, the head and not the tail, the top and not the bottom. <3
  4. What is one phrase I have been using that doesn’t honor God with my words?
  5. What is my life verse?
  6. Name 10 of God’s most obvious blessings in my life. My sweet, loving husband, my three healthy, happy daughters, a warm, comfortable house, a car that fits our needs, my blog, my best friend, friends from high school who I’m still close with, my ability to read my Bible and pray freely, God-given Momability (I made that word up, but we’re going with it), and a wonderful church where true worship is welcome and the heart of God is sought after.
  7. Name 10 of God’s least obvious blessings in my life.
  8. What giftings and graces has God given me?
  9. How am I using the giftings and graces God has given me? 
  10. Where could I serve my neighbor this week? 
  11. When was the last time I boosted my faith by hearing the Word (outside of church)?
  12. In what ways have I yielded to God’s direction? 
  13. Name a time I allowed God to use me in the past. Telling a guy in the bread aisle of Walmart that God loves him (that’s a fun story lol!).
  14. Name a time I didn’t go where God called me… And what I will do better next time.
  15. In what ways can I praise my Savior? 
  16. How can I let go of the opinions of others and worship exuberantly like David did?
  17. Name one of my favorite characters in the Bible. Why are they my favorite? What attributes do they have that I wish to be? How did they allow God to use them? How can I be more like them? I love Hannah and her faith. She kept faith when it seemed like her prayers were going unheard. She believed God until the breakthrough came, and Samuel was born (followed by five more kiddos!).
  18. Am I a peacekeeper? How can I improve? 
  19. Do I use my words primarily for life? If not, how can I improve on that?
  20. Do I ask God to help me when I’m struggling, or do I try to do it all on my own? What situation can I give God right now and trust Him to handle for me?
  21. Do I control my thoughts, or do they control me? What thoughts can I fix right now? I have been working on this for years and am better than I once was. Right now, I could work on how much I care what people will think of me for posts like this one because you know what? I care a whole lot more hod God sees me and what He thinks, and this was on my heart today from my Father, so here we go.
  22. When I’m feeling anxious, do I give it to God and thank Him? If I have struggled with that, what situation will I trust Him with right now?
  23. How do I model a Proverbs 31 woman? Which of her attributes do I struggle with?
  24. Do I walk in 1 Corinthians 13 love? Fill in your name everywhere in this chapter where it says “love”. Declare this often. 
  25. What declarations can I claim for myself and my household today? As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
  26. What prayer requests do I have? Have I continued to pray no matter what – or have I given up?
  27. Do I talk to Jesus often and like a friend? If not, how can I start right now?

I hope you loved these journal prompts and that they’ve helped you! What is your favorite part about journaling? How has it helped you grow closer to God?

Please leave a comment and tell me how it’s helped you! I’d love to hear from you! Remember to share with a friend if you loved this and pin for later 🙂

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