Worship songs that set the stage for heaven to come meet us here on Earth is so near and dear to my heart. I truly believe a generation of worshippers like David is emerging during this incredibly weird chapter of history we’ve been living through, and I’ll be darned if the rocks cry out on my behalf. Spontaneous, Jesus led, unscripted worship is my very favorite, which is why you’ll notice that’s what many of these are.

I hope you enjoy this list of some of my very favorite worship songs. Let’s go after the presence of God together.

This isn’t the first time I’ve had a post all SEO’ed and qued up, ready to publish for the week, when God gave me something different.

“Write to her.” That’s what dropped in my heart as these points for this post started coming to me. I was sitting in a waiting room in McAfee Heating and Air while Sophia’s Kindergarten assessment when it started flowing in my mind, quickly combatted by thoughts like:

They’re going to think you’re crazy.

You’re going to look like a nut.

Are you sure you want to write that?”

Wow. If the push back to NOT write this was so strong, you know what that probably means? That I should definitely write it.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t hesitant being this transparent, but that’s fine because God’s glory matters more than my vulnerability or fear of not being liked. Everybody didn’t like Jesus, and we’re supposed to be imitators of God, so here we go.

“Write to her.” If you’re still reading, I’m going to assume you’re “her”. I’m writing for the one.

I’m writing for the woman who needs a breakthrough.

I’m writing for the one who needs God to show up.

I’m writing for the one that needs to remember the vastness of the God we serve.

I’m writing for the one who needs to remember who she is in Christ and be fully and beautifully washed in His love.

I’m writing to her.

When I was reading my Bible several months ago, I was reading in Joshua about the walls of Jericho and the children of Israel. The Lord showed me in an instant that Jericho was literal, but it’s a metaphor, too. Praise breaks down spiritual walls because all of our battles are not physical; they’re spiritual.

Praise tears down walls much in the same way as the shouts of God’s people tore down literal walls. What’s your Jericho today?

What do you need to praise through until you see a breakthrough? What are you believing for?

Whatever it is for you, I strongly encourage you to keep the faith. Mind your thoughts and make sure they are lining up with Who God is and His best for you. Remember how big your God is.

Praise Him before it makes sense. Worship through it. God has a way of showing up bigger and more amazing that we could have ever wrapped our minds around.

Why Do We Worship?

  1. To thank God for the numerous times He has showed up for us and for His blessings in our life.
  2. To worship who He is.
  3. To revere His character.
  4. To refresh our spirits and physical bodies. Worship is the ultimate act of self care because it renews your strength and refreshes you from the inside out.
  5. To raise our faith up by thanking Him for what we can’t yet see.
  6. To break down Jericho-like walls.
  7. To welcome in the Lord and bring His glory down from heaven.
  8. To put the enemy back in his place and remind him how big our God is.
  9. To give Him burdens to we’ve tried to carry.
  10. To zap fear, anxiety, and depression at their roots, give those burdens back to the One who already paid the price for our sickness (physical and emotional) and run for the hills.
  11. That’s all we’re going to do on Heaven. We might as well practice 😉

12 Ways to Worship

  1. Thank Him.
  2. Believe Him.
  3. Honor Him.
  4. Speak in our prayer language.
  5. Dance like David did.
  6. Raise our arms as a sign of total surrender.
  7. Sing.
  8. Shout.
  9. Welcome Him in your heart and life heart, home, life, kids, marriage, car, bedroom, and anything in between.
  10. Give it up – whatever “it” is.
  11. Relinquish control. Spoiler, worry doesn’t help anyway. I love this reminder from Matthew 6.
  12. Forget what the people beside you think. This is just you and Jesus.

Now let’s dive in with these amazing worship songs!

Favorite Worship Songs in 2020

  1. Lean back | Amanda Cook and Chandler Moore
  2. Refiner | Maverick City Music feat. Steffany Gretzinger and Chandler Moore
  3. No One Ever Cared for Me like Jesus | Steffany Gretzinger
  4. Communion | Steffany Gretzinger and Brandon Lake
  5. This is a Move | Brandon Lake and Tasha Cobbs
  6. Here Again | Rheva Henry with Bethel Music
  7. Reign Above it All | The McClures
  8. How He Loves | Jesus Culture
  9. Surrounded | Upper Room
  10. So will I | Hillsong
  11. Another in the Fire | Hillsong
  12. Tremble | Mosiac MSC
  13. Prophesy your Promise | Brian and Katie Torwalt
  14. Touch of Heaven | David Funk
  15. See a Victory | Elevation Worship
  16. Goodness of God | Bethel Worship feat. Jenn Johnson
  17. Build My Life | Pat Barrett
  18. Nothing Else | Cody Carnes
  19. Stand in Your Love | Bethel Music
  20. Reckless Love | Cory Asbury
  21. Good Grace | Hillsong
  22. How Great is Your Love | Passion
  23. Lion and the Lamb | Bethel Music
  24. Do It Again | Elevation Worship
  25. Graves into Gardens | Brandon Lake
  26. Rescue | Lauren Daigle
  27. The God Who Stays | Matthew West
  28. Rescue Story | Zach Williams
  29. I Know | Big Daddy Weave
  30. Famous For | Tauren Wells
  31. The Blessing | Elevation Worship feat. Cody Carnes and Kari Jobe
  32. Raise a Hallelujah | Elevation Worship
  33. Even When It Hurts | Hillsong
  34. God of Revival | Bethel Music
  35. The Father’s House | Cory Asbury
  36. Defender | Francesca Battistelli feat. Steffany Gretzinger
  37. Canvas and Clay | Pat Barrett
  38. There was Jesus | Zach Williams feat. Dolly Parton
  39. Oceans | Hillsong United
  40. I Will Fear No More | The Afters
  41. Haven’t Seen it Yet | Danny Gokey
  42. It is Well | Bethel Music feat. Kristene DiMarco
  43. Known | Tauren Wells
  44. Champion | Bethel Music feat. Dante Brown
  45. Fear is a Liar | Zach Williams
  46. You’ve Always Been | Unspoken
  47. Most Beautiful / So in Love | Chandler Moore
  48. My Hallelujah | Brian and Katie Torwalt
  49. Pour Me Out | Brandon Lake
  50. Dancing on the Waves | We the Kingdom
  51. Miracles | Jeremy Riddle
  52. Good and Loved | Travis Greene and Steffany Gretzinger
  53. Your Will, Your Way | Brian and Katie Torwalt
  54. Remember | Brian and Katie Torwalt
  55. When You Walk Into A Room | Brian and Katie Torwalt
  56. Spirit Break Out | Kim Walker Smith
  57. Break Every Chain | Jesus Culture
  58. No Longer Slaves | Jonathan David and Melissa Helser | We will Not Be Shaken
  59. Give Me Jesus | Steffany Gretzinger and Jeremy Riddle
  60. Rattle | Elevation Worship
  61. Here as in Heaven | Elevation Worship
  62. Way Maker | Upper Room
  63. Endlessly | Capital City Music
  64. Love Song | Nathan Taylor
  65. Come Alive | Dante Bowe
  66. Champion | Dante Bowe
  67. Sparrows | Cory Asbury

What are some of your favorite worship songs? Leave a comment below and tell me yours!

Don’t forget to pin for later because, if you’re like me, you’re going to forget the names of most of these 😂

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