At home date nights are game changers for parents! When you have kids, prioritizing weekly date nights are absolutely essential to building a strong, lasting, happy marriage. Even if it’s just something you do together with just the two of you after the kids go to bed, it counts.

That’s why I want to share some of our favorite ideas for at home date nights! I hope you enjoy this list!

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Fun At Home Date Nights for Tired Parents

1. Q&A

Something deeper than the usual. Get your wheels turning with these:

  • What goals are you working on right now? Are there some smaller goals you can work on now that would help you get there?
  • Tell me three things on your bucket list.
  • What is your biggest time waster?
  • What do you love most about me?
  • Do you remember our first kiss?
  • If you could have dinner with anyone, dead or alive, who would it be? (Classic I know. I had to.)
  • What is the best book you’ve ever read? What did you like about it?
  • If you had to pick just one place anywhere in the world, where would you visit?
  • What a favorite memory from your childhood?
  • What has been your biggest mistake?
  • If there was any experience you could relive now, what would it be?
  • Knowing what you know now, what would you tell yourself if you could go back to high school / our wedding day / the day our first baby was born?
  • What is your top 3 favorite moments of our marriage?

Amy at An Everlasting Love has an awesome list of questions for you that I really enjoyed, too!

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2. Daydreaming

I’m kind of obsessed with daydreaming, because I love having goals for my life. I love goals and working towards them so much, I wrote a whole post about it.

Goals give you something you’re working towards, which gives you joy and fulfillment to accomplish! If there’s something that keeps coming up in your daydreams, well… That might be your goal.

Here recently, we’ve been daydreaming about our dream house. We wrote a list, room by room, of what it would have. We’ve talked about location, setting, and what we can see from the inside. We’ve laid out everything from the bathtub to the windows to the room, and weighed the pros and cons of building vs. buying. Daydreaming can be about whatever you want it to be, and it’s always fun!

3. Waiting to have dinner until after the kids go to bed, just the two of you.

One of these days, our kids are going to find out how much we ate after they went to bed, and probably be a little irked.

Consider doing a themed night, like Mexican, Greek, French, Italian, appetizers, grill out, carnival, or 4th of July! Take out counts if you’re too tired to cook. Take the time to talk and really connect.

4. Painting night!

At home date nights do not have to be boring! Sometimes you can get crafty and bring an activity right to your kitchen table! I accidentally discovered a love of painting a few years ago. Am I good? Probably mediocre, at best. But there is something therapeutic about a brush, colors, and a canvas.

I love to smell lemon oils while I’m doing it! Joey and I love doing it as a date night! We love Painting with a Twist, but it’s just as doable at home with a good tutorial and some supplies!

To have your own painting night at home, you’ll need:

  • Table top easels
  • Acrylic brushes
  • Acrylic paint
  • A fancy palette, if you want to feel like Picasso, or a paper plate will work fine! I like my palette because it’s super easy to clean and mix colors on! 
  • An old cup with water
  • Chalk
  • A tutorial. There something for everyone on! I’ve done several of these and love them. Tracie is so easy to follow and such a good teacher! She also has video options!
  • Optional: lemon or any essential oil you like
  • Snacks

5. Board games

Our favorites are Battleship, Life, and Monopoly! We also have changed the rules and played Apples to Apples with just us. It’s actually really challenging!

6. Wii games

We haven’t done this in forever, but we used to love playing Wii. The archery and 100 bowling were our favorites! While Wii is pricey, but they are seriously so much fun for the whole family! We had hours of fun and laughs just making the family’s avatars! Our favorite game is pretty classic: Wii Sports. There are tons to choose from!

7. Comedy videos on YouTube

Okay, I’m usually not big on stand up, but this video from Michael McIntyre had us absolutely cracking up! Parents everywhere appreciated this one.

8. Spending time together in prayer and worship

You can never do this too much! Joey and I started really doing this a few months ago, and it’s been so cool to watch things we have come together and prayed for starting to happen.

Here are some of our favorite worship songs:

Lean Back – Capital City Music

No one Ever Cared for me like Jesus – Steffany Gretzinger

This is a Move – Tasha Cobbs and Brandon Lake

If you want some more incredible worship songs, read this!

9. Writing new goals, adapting ones you already have, or taking an action step on one!

My favorite time to do this is at the beginning of the year and the beginning of every month! Talk about what action steps you are implementing towards your goals; both individual and together. I dig more into goals and how to accomplish them in this post.

10. Writing a bucket list

I love bucket lists so much, I wrote a whole post full of awesome ideas to live your best life! Bucket lists remind you that you have an amazing life and experiences ahead of you, which is exponentially important right now. I love having them individually, together, and even for seasons. We’ve crossed lots of stuff off our spring bucket list (lockdown and all)!

11. Make a list of local activities or restaurants you’d like to try together

I guess this could kind of be like a local bucket list! Joey and I are terrible for driving past a place, casually mentioning that we want to try it, then defaulting to old favorites or forgetting our places we want to try.

12. Rearrange a space

I know this sounds kind of lame, but honestly, change is good for the soul! Even if it’s just moving the couches around.

13. Learn something new together

Find something you’d both like to learn and make it your thing to do together! YouTube has a video for everything!

14. Check in to reconnect emotionally

This is so important! Five or ten minutes a day to just check in can make all the difference. But if you need more time, have a little sit down after the kiddos are in bed.

15. Baking night

I L O V E baking. Joey likes eating, so it’s a great fit! Something about baking together can be fun and romantic!

16. Do a yoga video together

I will forever recommend Yoga with Adriene! No matter where you’re at in your practice, she makes you feel like you’re right where you need to be.

17. Movie night with popcorn

Yeah I know, classic. But I had to mention it.

18. Puzzles

I don’t have the patience for puzzles, but we have done a few. I have friends that love them! This set is a fantastic value!

19. Eat outside 

Taking a snack outside and getting some fresh air without feeling like you’re being attacked by a herd of stray cats who are after your tortilla chips? Priceless.

20. Watch the sunset

We love going out on the deck and talking while the sunsets! I don’t know what it is about sunsets that are romantic. Until mosquitoes come out.

21. Have a bonfire 

Joey loves fires because it reminds him of camping when he was little. Bonus points for s’mores.

22. Stargaze 

This is extra fun if you have an app on your phone that tells you where the constellations and planets are. We found the other day that the really bright start we can see from the back deck was actually Venus!

23. Blind folded drawing

I made this up, but we’re trying it. I’m going to say something and make Joey try to draw it with his eyes shut! Maybe something like:

  • Santa Claus
  • Ice cream cone
  • 5 flowers
  • A cup of coffee
  • Elephant
  • The world
  • A piece of pizza 
  • Checkerboard
  • A happy sunshine

24. Home DIY project

Been meaning to hang a few photos? Organize the garage? Clean out some kitchen stuff? Hang a gallery wall? What better time than after bedtime?

25. Indoor picnic on the living room floor

Think a blanket, Christmas lights, fake rose petals, a board with snacks, and sparkling juice. Act like you’re in high school and be 100% okay with it.

26. Yard games

This would be a great summer one! Get in a game of corn hole or horseshoes before the sun goes down and laugh at how far you overshot.

27. Re-read old journals or love letters to each other

Prepare to laugh. We’ve done this a few times, most recently in the journal where I write what we did for each anniversary. We were reading it out loud and cracking up! It’s sweet, really (not sarcastic).

28. Learn a dance on a Youtube video

Any dance will do. Ballroom, Cha cha slide, jazz; whatever floats your boat!

29. Plan a dream vacation

This is just fun, even if you never take it! I don’t know how many times we’ve looked at Air Bnbs in ridiculous places and attractions, land marks, and places we’d love to see one day.

30. Read a book out loud together

This is great for a marriage devotional or something you want to learn together! We’ve been reading Two as One by Ryan and Selena Fredrick. A few months ago, we read the 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman and it is an absolute must read! I talk about it in detail in this post. It truly transformed our marriage!

31. Pick something you both would like to learn about and do it together

I think having a hobby is so important, especially for moms! Get your wheels turning with this my hobby list with resources to get you started today!

32. Try take out from a new place

I’m thankful to live in an age where you can get on your phone and order food directly to your door. Seriously. It’s incredible. There are so many places that we have yet to try, but one of our favorite discoveries was a little hole-in-the-wall Greek place just down the road from us. They had the best baklava!!

33. Journal together

Don’t know what to write? Try one of these!

34. Watch your wedding video

Have a box of tissues handy. Not just because you’re basking in how you felt that day with all the butterflies and the love swirling around, but because you might have forgotten who all was there that couldn’t be now.

35. Read your wedding vows again – or write new ones and read aloud!

We did this a little while ago, and it was romantic because yes; we meant them when we said them. But now they hit a little differently because we’ve had some time to grow together, live through some things, and prove how much we meant them.

Joey has loved me through thick and thin – literally, 130lbs to 250lbs. We have stuck together when we didn’t make enough money to cover our bills, and opened our first credit card because we couldn’t pay our water bill. We were a team when we had $50 a week for groceries.

During all three of my labors, he barely left my side to get a drink of water or go to the bathroom (let alone anything else), then stayed with us until we were ready to come home.

Lexi had RSV when she was seven months old. She could hardly breathe and I called him at work in a near panic, doing my best to keep it together. He left and met me at the hospital with her car seat because we went by ambulance.

The day I had my gallbladder out, he never left the waiting room. When my best friend went to be with Jesus, he was there. When my Grandma went to be with Jesus, he was there. The day I had my wisdom teeth out, he came straight from work to drive me home.

The time I was 7 months pregnant with Sophia and couldn’t stop throwing up and had to be admitted, he stayed up with me until 5:00 in the morning, then slept hunched over my hospital bed. When I was in the middle of my hardest labor, and in transition (unmedicated) for 5 hours, when I wasn’t even myself anymore, he held me while I screamed, cried, and bit him, doing my very best to cope during the hardest physical challenge of my life.

When I had the stomach flu so severely and was so weak I passed out on the way back to the bed from bathroom, he picked me up off the floor and put me in the bed as I cried.

He’s been with me at weddings, funerals, births, life-changing document signings, amazing times with God, vacations, big proud moments, and everything in between that makes life, life.

He’s been with me through joy, sorrow, belly laughs, trauma, arguments, anxiety, fear, tears, and everything in between. He’s truly my best friend and my partner in this life. He reminds me daily that I don’t have to do anything alone anymore, from mundane household tasks, to parenting, to the hard stuff, and that is priceless to me.

Think about the times you’ve been there for each other. Think about the times you had to be a team, when if you didn’t pull together, you’d grow apart.

Make a list, if you want to. Feel again how their support, devotion, or presence helped you when you needed it most. He’s your best friend. Your partner in this life. If you have kids, he’s the only other person whose they are as much as yours. He’s it. And that’s a pretty amazing thing.

36. Learn how to make your favorite drink so you don’t have to buy it.

For us, our favorite drink was Dunkin Donuts iced mocha lattes… With an extra shot. Joey and I have had a long love affair with iced coffees, and I cringe to think how much it has cost us, a couple dollars at a time. About a month ago, we finally broke down and got an espresso machine, and it was one of the single best purchases we’ve ever made. That includes a house and two cars, so it’s pretty up there. Joey put it right under our marriage license.

We have had exactly one latte from Dunkin since, and it was purely to get out of the house, because, well, quarantine. I LOVE having my iced mochas without having to pay $2-5 for each one! At this rate, this thing is going to pay for itself in no time flat.

Do you love iced lattes?! I do, and I had no idea what I was doing when I started making them. We’re gonna fix that right now so you can’t say you didn’t know!

To make your own, you’ll need:

  • An espresso machine. I love this one because it can make lattes, iced lattes, cappuccinos, and espresso! Comparably, I found this one very affordable. It has great water pressure, and makes delicious espresso! It always makes a double shot, and I love the handle on the water tank to make refilling easier!
  • Ground espresso. You want to make sure this is real espresso and not ground coffee! I love Lavazza. It has a rich, bold flavor, without being bitter. I prefer dark roast, but they also have a medium roast option if you don’t like it as bold!
  • A heavier tamper. This has to go with how the water goes through the espresso. A heavier tamper helps make the grounds more even. One comes with the espresso machine, but it’s very lightweight.
  • Ghirardhelli mocha sauce. I like this sauce much better than Torani or Starbucks! The sauce has a better flavor than syrup, in my opinion. This bottle looks gigantic, but I was surprised how quickly it went. They also make caramel sauce if you prefer that!
  • Mocha sauce with pump. This is optional, but I find the pump helpful and less messy! If you don’t have a pump, you have to squeeze it into a bowl then spoon it in. It’s doable, but kind of a pain. Then again, the pump is kind of annoying to wash and hard to get the last bit out of the bottom, so I guess it’s kind of a pick your poison situation.
  • Milk of choice. I love mine with whole milk, nonfat, or unsweetened vanilla almond milk! Silk is my go to brand for almond milk.
  • Ice ice baby


  1. Make your espresso! I had to read the book a few times because it’s tricky at first, but easy when you get the hang of it! I like to use a little ramekin that’s 2oz exactly (espressos are usually 2oz). Turn on your machine, make sure you have plenty of water in the tank, scoop espresso into the twisty thing, tamp it down, pop it into the machine, and turn the knob to espresso! Word to the wise – it will not shut off automatically, so make sure you watch it!
  2. Put your sauce in your cup. I like to do the sauce, then espresso, mix well, then add milk. I always use my 20oz Yeti cup and have found it to be a perfect size!
  3. Add your desired amount of milk and stir well. 
  4. Add ice and cool whip if desired.
  5. Enjoy!! 

I hope you loved these this list of some of my favorite at home date nights!! Leave a comment and tell me your favorites, and remember to pin for later!

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