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The 8 Blogging Tools I Couldn’t Blog Without

I’ve found out many things about blogging, and one of them is that it isn’t for the faint of heart! There is a huge learning curve, but there is a handful of resources I wouldn’t be where I am today without.  This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on or purchase …

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Blogging Blastoff Review: Is it Really Worth It?

This post is a thorough review of the course, Blogging Blastoff. Is Blogging Blastoff worth it? In a word, absolutely, 100%. I would recommend it to anyone I know one hundred times over, but it’s not a miracle investment. You have to take the knowledge you learn, and do something constructive with it. It is …

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Pinterest with Ell Review: Is it Worth It?

Is Pinterest with Ell worth it? I’ll be honest, it has been one of the most affordable and best spent money I have sank into my blog. All bloggers and business owners know that you have to spend money to make money. This was an affordable and worthwhile investment that I am so happy I …