Fall makes everything better, and date nights are no exception! I’m excited to share today some of our favorite date nights to try this fall – and even more excited that most of these date night ideas are cheap or free!

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Anyone who knows me knows fall is the best time of the year to me! Period. Hands down. Every stinking time. The beautiful, vibrant leaves, all things pumpkin, boots and big scarves, and the BEST lattes of the year in my humble opinion… Nothing can beat it. 

My husband and I also have a special affection for keeping the spark alive through regular date nights, and fall dates are the best of them all! These are some of our favorites that we’ve done – specifically put together with saving money in mind because this has been an especially hard year for me.

Plus when dates are cheap, it’s easier to do more of them than when they’re expensive!

I bet you’ll love them, too! 

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34 Cheap (Or Free!) Fall Themed Date Nights

1. Corn Maze.

A tad juvenile? Possibly. But it’s fine. Channel your inner teenager and let yourself break a little loose. You might be surprised how much fun you have.

Cheap Meter: $

2. Bonfire with s’mores.

There is never a wrong time for s’mores in my opinion, but something about fall and a big fuzzy blanket all snuggled up together is just super cozy and romantic. 10/10 recommend. 

I love using my Yeti cup to keep my drink hot, even when it’s chilly!

Cheap Meter: Free

3. Fall Picnic

Spread out a blanket on a hill and soak in the way the air feels and smells different. Tell stupid jokes and make each other laugh. Tap into who you were before you were Mom and Dad. Kiss a little extra. 

Cheap Meter: $

4. Jumping in leaves.

This is fun, I don’t care how old you are! 

Cheap Meter: Free

5. Vist a farmer’s market.

I love farmer’s markets but for some reason, they seem more majestic to me in the fall. Then again, everything kind of does.

Cheap Meter: $ (Depending what you buy! This could be free if just visiting.)

6. Visit a pumpkin patch.

Pumpkin patches are so much fun! There is just something about going out and picking a pumpkin. 

Cheap Meter: $-$$ | Depending on the location. I have seen pumpkins be very reasonable, but this year they were higher due to Covid.

7. Put a blanket out on the floor and have a living room picnic. 

Do it in front of a fireplace, or put one on Netflix! Drink hot chocolate, coffee, or apple cider. Make a s’more on the stove. 

Cheap Meter: Free

8. Walk around a small town or outdoor mall. 

Get a coffee from a local shop and buy each other a small thing to support local businesses! Bonus points for wearing plaid or a big scarf.

Cheap Meter: Free – $

9. Horseback riding.

I can just imagine bopping side to side on a horse through the woods, admiring the leaves and hearing the crunches under their big feet! I’m convinced there is nothing that isn’t better in the fall. Pretty sure.

Cheap Meter: $$ | Assuming of course that you don’t have your own horse or have friends who do.

10. Cider tasting.

Sometimes they have this at a fall festival! Those might not be happening this year, in which case it would be just as fun to do at home!

Get cider from a few different places (farms, farmer’s market’s or stands, etc.) and see how they all compare! You could ever try to make your own! 

Cheap Meter: $

11. Painting class.

I know I’ve said this one before, but I put it here because there are always ADORABLE fall themed painting options! We love Painting with a Twist!

I’ve even seen virtual options with at home painting kits!

Or if you don’t want to do that, read in this post about how to make a DIY paint night at home and choose your own (#4 😉)!

Cheap Meter: $ for at home | $$ for a painting class

12. Take a long drive to enjoy the turning leaves.

Through parks seem to be especially pretty! Joey and I did this all the time when we were dating, but I honestly even enjoy the leaves on the side of the highway! I love looking at how the reds, oranges, and yellows seem to seamlessly blend together.

Cheap Meter: Free

13. Hike or walk around a dam and admire the scenery.

Same idea as the drive, but it’s sometimes easier to enjoy on foot! We have a local dam with a lookout that is gorgeous in the fall.

Cheap Meter: Free

14. Put up the fall decor.

Alright, this might sound flimsy as a “date night”, but it’s fun to me to put all my fall stuff out! 

Cheap Meter: Free

15. Visit Hobby Lobby and get some fall decor or craft supplies!

Hobby lobby in the fall is the equivalent to the North Pole to me. I just love all the crafts and decor! Grab a PSL and hit it up, sister.

Cheap Meter: $

16. Coffee shop date with pumpkin bread.

Coffee shops are my absolute jam. The smell, the ambiance, the coziness; but again, they seem more magical in the fall. I love just sitting down with Joey over a cup of coffee and a piece of pumpkin bread and talking. 

It reminds me that’s he doubles as my best friend. We have done everything together for eight years, and man; I’m blessed. He always has my back.

Cheap Meter: $

17. Bake pumpkin bread.

I have made a lot of pumpkin bread. I don’t know how many recipes I’ve tried, and still, I come back to this one over and over! It’s delicious, moist, easy to make and full of flavor! 

Pro tip: don’t try to double it for bigger loaves. I tried this once when we had company and for the first time in my life, couldn’t get it done. 😂 Only double it if you’re making four loaves. Take my word for it.

Cheap Meter: Free | If you have all the ingredients on hand.

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18. Visit the apple orchard.

There is an apple orchard in the town I grew up in that I just love. It’s run by a little old couple that are the sweetest people ever. Last year she was telling me about what apples were best for pies and applesauce. It’s so much fun to talk to different generations and absorb their wisdom, even if it is about apples!

Some orchards even allow you to pick your own apples! 

Pro tip: Don’t miss out on the local honey at orchards! They make the best and it’s so good for fighting fall yuckies and allergies! If you do have environmental allergies, local honey will best help you fight it!

Cheap Meter: $

19. Make applesauce.

Put those apples to good use! This has been on my list to do with my kids for a few years and I’m determined to hit it this year.

Cheap Meter: $ | To buy apples!

20. DIY Photoshoot.

Go somewhere pretty with your phone, and get snapping! Take pictures of each other. Get creative! Try to do a jumping picture or something else equally goofy. Take kissing pictures, pretend you’re in a commercial (like Excedrin Migraine), or do video clips. 

Lots of laughs, guaranteed!

Cheap Meter: Free

21. Stargazing.

Joey and I started dating in June 2012. We spent countless nights that summer sitting on my parents’ driveway, admiring the stars and talking about what our lives would hold. So now, every time we’re under the stars, that’s where we go back to in our minds.

Even if you don’t have an emotional connection to it, stargazing is super romantic. It’s even better cuddling under a big blanket with a hot drink.

Bonus points for renting a telescope if you want to be super extra!

Cheap Meter: Free

22. Make soup together.

Soup is so fallish! I love a hot pot of soup on a cool night. Some of our favorites are chili, goulash, lasagna soup, chicken tortilla soup, taco soup, broccoli cheddar, and loaded potato soup.

Cheap Meter: Free

23. Make homemade hot chocolate.

I did this a few years ago at Christmas time! It’s so much fun and it is delicious, but super sweet! I like cutting the cavity-laden goodness with some extra milk. 

Cheap Meter: Free

24. Read aloud at a local park.

Take a book to a local park and take turns reading! This gives you plenty of time for an intelligent discussion that doesn’t revolve around what’s on your fingers, who pushed who, or who is turning her nose up at tonight’s steamed carrots.

Cheap Meter: Free

25. Hit up the library.

I don’t know why but the library even seems more lovely at fall time. Pick out a book to learn something new together, a marriage builder, something about personal growth or great habits, something to make you laugh or a new hobby you want to learn. The sky really is the limit!

Cheap Meter: Free

26. Teach him how to make an apple or pumpkin pie – or learn together! 

My mom actually makes the best pie crust in the world. It’s an old art that her grandma taught her, and now I feel like it’s darn near my time to pass the pie crust torch. Unfortunately, it’s not yet been passed. So I would like to thank Aldi’s Baker’s House Pie Crust for having my back in the meantime. 

Use homemade or canned filling, homemade or pre-made crust, or venture out and try a new recipe! Put on an apron to feel extra domestic.

Cheap Meter: Free

27. Football game.

I’m not a die hard football fan, but I have always thought it would be cool to go to an NFL football game. Of course, that’s probably not going to be your average date night. 

High school games can give you the same experience.

Cheap Meter: $

28. Visit sunflower fields.

I think sunflowers have been a bit of a fad lately, but I’ve always thought sunflower fields are so cool. They’re so tall and just seem to radiate light, life, and happiness.

I really think God made some of the things He did in the way He did so we would have little glimpses of how amazing He is all the time.

Cheap Meter: $

29. Drive in movies or concerts.

I feel like these might be bigger this year because of Covid. Joey and I have talked about visiting one for awhile now, even before that! I’ve been hearing a lot on the radio about drive in concerts this year, too. Might be fun! 

Cheap Meter: $

30. Bike or segway tour.

Cincinnati has segway tours which I can’t decide if I think it sounds lame or not. 😂 But like everything else, bike or segway tours sound more fun with the crisp fall air and the crunching of leaves under the tires!

Cheap Meter: $

31. Local train rides.

We did a train ride a few years ago and it was SO fun! It would be extra fun and extra beautiful to do with the leaves turning for fall.

Cheap Meter: $$ | These are probably the most pricey item on this list, but I included it anyway because they’re so stinking fun! When we went, I think it was something like $40/ticket.

32. Make baked apples.

Last year we went to Gatlinburg in the fall. We visited this cool apple barn where we got these little dishes to make apples. They’re fun, quick, easy, low calorie, and are crazy fallish!

Cheap Meter: Free

33. Recreate your first date. Reminisce to where it all began. 

Our anniversary is in October. I love fall so much, I wanted to get married in it! It’s always felt romantic to me anyway, but it seems like the best time of year to recreate your first date or celebrate how you started out and how far you’ve come!

Cheap Meter: $-$$ | Depending on how cool your first date was! Ours was Dairy Queen, so it’d be super budget friendly in our case.

34. Make a fall wreath together!

I might be a little biased, but this one is one of my favorites!

Cheap Meter: $ | Depending on how much craft stuff you have at home! If you’re like me, you might be able to throw one together by pulling into your reserves.

35. Learn how to make your own PSL!

I got an espresso machine this year during quarantine. I don’t know if it was really an impulse buy or I just snapped, but it felt right at the time and I still love it! 

In #36 on this list of at home date nights I shared how to make your own iced mocha, but you can easily switch out the sauce for your favorite cream and BAM, you have an iced pumpkin spice! Or use the frother wand to make a hot version! 

Yes, that’s also on my list this year.

Cheap Meter: Free | If you have the ingredients!

I hope you enjoyed these ideas for date nights for fall! If you did, be sure to pin for later and share with a friend!

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