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DIY Cuties Valentines for School + Free Printable graphic

Where my last minute moms at?? – Raises hand emoji- If you need some DIY Valentines and you’re on a budget, I’ve got you! I did 40 Valentines for my girls’ two preschool classes for under $25.

I’m a weird combination the mom that has it all together and the mom that forgets stuff I should probably know.

Like the other day when we forgot to bring something for show and tell on Friday. Show and tell day. So we brought a diaper out of the car for the letter  “D”. It is what it is. It’s fine. 

But this time, I feel good about what I come up with. It feels a little last minute since some people have had Valentine’s posts up since January, but I’m part of the small percentage of the population that doesn’t think about Valentines until February 1st. Also, fruit spoils, so what are ya gonna do?

And that’s fine, too.

If you need a DIY Valentine’s idea for your kids’ classroom, look no further!

You're a cutie valentine

I made a fun no candy Valentines option, complete with a free printable to make your life easier! I made 40 valentines for under $25! Price breakdown below. 🙂

Supplies for cuties valentines

Easy DIY Cutie Valentines for School

Materials + Price Breakdown:

• 2-5 bags of Cuties, depending on how many you’re making – $14.95 ($2.99 x 5)

• Cardstock (I used Neenah Premium Cardstock, Bright White, 65lbs, 8.5 x 11″, pictured below) – $6.19

• Clear cellophane treat bags – $1.94 ($0.97 x 2)

• Heart stickers – $0.97

• You’re a Cutie Valentine printable – Free! Download below.

• Stapler – Already had 

• Scissors or cutter – Already had 

• Coffee or a delicious beverage of your choice + good music 

• Little helpers!

Cost total = $24.05

Card stock I used for cuties valentines
This is the cardstock I used.


1) Print & cut Valentines.

This is by far the most time consuming and tedious part. After you get through this, it’ll fly by!

Close up for cutter

You don’t necessarily need a cutter for this, but I absolutely recommend one. It makes it so much easier! I did lines around the edges of the Valentines intentionally to make it a little easier for you to make straight cuts. 🙂 

The cutter makes it easier, but it can be a little tricky. It doesn’t cut where it looks like it should. It looks like it should cut at the little divot, but it actually cuts on the edge of the plastic (see photos).

It looks like it should cut on the line in the middle, but it doesn’t. It cuts on the edge of the plastic just a smidge to the right.
Close up showing cutter
You can see when you place the cutter down, it’s on the edge of the plastic; not on the line. That’s where it’ll cut. You can also see the raised edge (near the bottom of the cutter by the 2 happy cuties) you’ll want to make sure the Valentines are on straight on for straight cuts.

A few tips: 

  • Make sure it’s touching the bottom raised edge so it doesn’t cut crooked. 
  • To speed the process up, you can do a few pages at a time for big cuts. 
  • Go back and forth with some pressure once or twice to make sure it went all the way through – especially if you do a few pages at a time. I don’t recommend doing more than 2 pages of cardstock, since it’s quite a bit thicker than regular paper. 

2) Have kiddos write their names in the “From” box. I purposefully skipped a “To” box for your convenience. 😉

Preschoolers working on valentines for class
Now it’s getting fun!

3) Put Cuties in baggies.

4) Staple bag over with Valentine printable.

Tip: If you can get the staple in the gray border, it will kind of hide it!

5) Cut off excess, if you have any. Finish with a heart sticker on the back!

That’s it! Pack them up and send them off, Mama. You rocked it today!

You're a cute valentines with oranges
Close up of cuties valentines for classroom with oranges

Tell me your favorite non-candy DIY Valentines ideas in the comments!

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Happy Valentine’s!

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