I did an easy DIY pregnancy announcement for my second and third babies. If you need to do a DIY pregnancy announcement for cheap, I got you!

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I absolutely LOVE getting professional pictures done! But when money is tight, it can be hard to swing. That’s why I knew when I was pregnant with babies two and three, I knew I had to come up with a cheaper version of a cute DIY pregnancy announcement!

It’s so easy, anyone can do it! All you need is a few props, a little staging area, and a camera.

The last two times we learned that our family was growing again, I knew I had to think a little more frugally for these sweet ones’ pregnancy announcements than the professional session we had done for the first kiddo. 

If you’re in the same boat, read on to learn how to do your own! 

When should you start announcing your pregnancy?

To be honest, that is totally up to you! Most people wait until closer to the end of the first trimester, usually around 12 weeks, because the biggest risk of miscarriage has passed by that time

I announced our pregnancies to our close family first around 6-7 weeks, then publicly on social media at 10, 12, and 14 weeks. The only reason I waited until 14 with Ella was to do a Valentines themed annoucnement!

Some women with a history of pregnancy loss may choose to wait and announce later. Some are too excited and want to do it early, and both are just fine!

If you do announce early, just know that should something go wrong, you might have a lot of questions from a lot of people who otherwise would not be in the know during such a personal time. There is no right or wrong here, it’s whatever feels right to you!

For your DIY pregnancy announcement, you’ll need:

  • Your people!
  • A park or naturey scene somewhere nearby.
  • A camera or phone with a camera.
  • Ultrasound pictures (preferably not cut).
  • A big sister/brother book if it’s not your first baby!
  • Oh baby” onesie or something similar.
  • Props. I used some flowers I already had from Hobby Lobby and a calendar from Etsy with a heart around my due date. 
  • Big sister shirts! We loved these!
  • Felt boards are all the rage right now!

We did our pregnancy announcement in September for Lexi, but I also did a Valentine’s themed one to friends and family when I was pregnant with Ella! We’ll share on that in a minute. 🙂

Optional ideas:

  • Fruit or another item that coordinates with how many weeks pregnant you’ll be when you announce.
  • A Tripod. I have this tripod and love it for its flexibility and versatility!
  • A light ring. This one is amazing because it’s bright, it clips, and it has brightness settings!
  • Photo editing app (I used PicMonkey, but have since come to love Canva!)
  • A friend to take family pictures.
  • M&Ms for smiles!
  • With the holidays coming up, I have to say something, about a little turkey in the oven would crack me up!
  • OR if you want to go a little later, how about a small gift under the tree between 2 (or however many) bigger gifts?
  • Snowmen. If you have the skill to craft a mini one inside a mama one, that would go viral. I am not that person but if you can, you should.

*Note: except for the watermark at the bottom and the text on the first photo, these photos are all totally unedited. I have a Galaxy Note 9.

big sisters with book
close up of dad holding ultrasound
easy DIY pregnancy announcement

Okay, that’s cool if it’s nice out! What about if it’s cold or been raining for 3 months straight?

Well, I was in that boat when I was pregnant with Ella bug. Weather in the Midwest gives zero cares if you have plans.

We purposely waited to do hers a little later to do a Valentine’s themed announcement with Sophia but did our announcement to the grandparents and our family on Christmas.

Easy Christmas Pregnancy Announcement to Grandparents

I wrapped a little frozen pea up in a box (for 6 weeks pregnant), and the front it read,

“Want to know something amazing?…”

(Then obviously someone opened the box)

“This pea is how big your second grandchild is!

Baby Wilhelm #2 due August, 2016″

Christmas wrapped box for pregnancy announcement
Christmas wrapped box for pregnancy announcement with pea inside

Everybody loved it!! 

So when we announced to friends and on social media, we waited a few more weeks so we could do a Valentine’s theme.

To create the space for this pregnancy announcement, we used:

  • White craft paper (or sheets as a drop cloth could work well)
  • Fake rose petals
  • Sophia! 
  • Valentine’s onesie paired with a tulle tutu I made for her
  • Stuffed animals 
  • Ultrasound + frame
  • A lemon (for 14 weeks!)
  • Baby shoes


  • Photo editing app 
  • Calendar with due date
  • Tripod
  • Friend for family pics
  • Something gender related, if you know it! We did the blood test and found out Ella’s early.
  • Anything related to holidays coming up (or not if that’s not your thing!)
  • Baby toys (a rattle or rubber ducky would be cute)

All we did to create this space was literally tape the paper to the wall, run it all the way down, then out and put something heavy on the end. You’ll want to make sure you’re not getting the edges of the paper in the pictures. 

The lighting in these wasn’t as good because it had been dreary for awhile and the house we lived in at the time let in exactly 2 rays of sunshine a day, but we did the best we could. Overall, we were happy with how they turned out. 

Again, except for the watermark, these are completely unedited. At the time, I had an iPhone. 

Big sister pregnancy announcement
Excited big sister pregnancy announcement
Big sister with ultrasound
Rose petals, baby shoes and ultrasound in frame
Stuffed animals, baby foot, rose petals and ultrasound in frame
Baby shoes, ultrasound, rose petals and lemon
baby shoes and rose petals

I love how much room for creativity there is here! If your family has a certain thing you love, you could easily use it in here. Sports teams, trucks, family hobbies (hiking, biking, etc.), or anything else you can think of!

What are your ideas for doing a budget-friendly pregnancy announcement? Tell me in the comments below and remember to pin this for later!

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Thanks, my friend, and congratulations, again!

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