Pregnancy products come in a huge range from needs to wants, and everyone’s idea of “need” is different. So if you ask people what you really need during pregnancy, you’re always going to get different answers, and it can be frustrating; especially if you’re a first time mom. I’ve had three pregnancies and lived to tell, and I’m here to share with you must have pregnancy products you really need!

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Must Have Pregnancy Products


I have loved this product through three pregnancies, and it has served me so well! After about 25 weeks especially, when my center of gravity started resembling that of a Jersey cow, walking, sitting, standing, and pretty much existing, created a huge strain on my back and my body worked to create a person. This brace is the best because it is designed to take the pressure off your back by supporting your growing belly and baby! I remember instant relief when I was in the kitchen cooking and my back started talking to me. I’d go put on my brace, and it was helped instantly!


I’ll admit, I had a hard time pulling the trigger and spending the money on a body pillow. But once I did, I was sleeping better the first night! This pillow helped support my back and I was able to use it to wedge between my legs. I loved snuggling up in it. Actually, I had Lexi a year ago, and I love still love it!

Pro tip: double it over in a C-shape and use it to read in bed!


I didn’t discover this product until I was pregnant with my third baby, but I so wish I had because I believe it would have helped me shave hours off of my first two labors! I also believe it would have helped me heal quicker during postpartum. My first two labors were 32 and 21 hours. My third, the first with Labor Prep tea, combined with a few other things I had learned, I was only in active labor for 5 hours.


This is a trick I learned from my amazing doulas! A quality rebozo can be used for a variety of things. I used my rebozo during pregnancy to tie my hips (compression to help with discomfort). Rebozos are also using during labor as a comfort measure.


I discovered this super cool product on a fluke at Babies R Us. I was pregnant with Sophia and had t e r r i b l e nausea that was nearly constant. Preggie pops eased it so much for me, that I ate them like candy! I used to buy four or five at a time and would go through them within a few weeks. They were so helpful!


You can add “exercise ball” to the list of things Hannah wishes she knew with her first two pregnancies. This is among the things I can’t believe it took me three to figure out! I LOVED sitting on my exercise ball when I was pregnant with Lexi. I even sat on it to fold laundry, watch tv, or eat! Figure 8s, moving in circles, and back and forth were my favorite to ease aching hips. 


Sea bands helped me combat nausea with all my pregnancies! This particular pregnancy product has saved me so many times. It’s a little band that you wear on your wrist. Sea bands work by putting pressure on a pressure point which helps with nausea. Mine worked better on my left wrist for some reason. One wrist might be better for you than the other! They also have one which does electric impulses, but personally, I didn’t care for that one. 


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Okay, this is less of a need and more of a want. But you just created a person for almost a year! You deserve to feel as cute as possible. I loved my delivery gown because I felt cuter and more put together in it, even though I had just helped a holiday ham exit my body. It was worth it to me. My favorite part was the snaps on the straps which made breastfeeding and skin to skin a breeze! They also have a super cute matching outfit for a baby girl!


I’m not kidding when I say these leggings were a part of my wardrobe when I was pregnant! I wore them almost daily. I think I had three pairs! They’re affordable, practical, easy to dress up or lounge around the house, and oh. So. Comfy. These are the only leggings you need in your life! I loved how they paired with this Red Cowl Neck Maternity Top in our winter maternity pictures!


You will definitely need some comfy jeans! These can be formal or casual, are super comfy, and pair with anything!


I wore tank tops all the time when I was pregnant! They’re so comfortable and versatile. These are great to add length to tops that are getting a little short, to dress up by pairing with a cute cardigan, or be casual with a jacket! 


Pro tip: Going straight to nursing bras while pregnant will save you money from having to buy bras twice! These were my favorite I have ever had. They don’t have an underwire so they’re extra comfortable and they come with extenders for when you need a little extra space! I used these bras during pregnancy, nursing, and when we were weaning (they were a godsend to sleep in!).


Peppermint oil is wonderful to combat nausea! I loved putting a little bit on a cloth and smelling it when I was nauseous.



I’m not the biggest person on documentaries, but I found this one on a fluke at 39 weeks pregnant and my mindset concerning birth did a 180. I sat there and sobbed with a watermelon belly watching it. My birth plan and what I thought I wanted for my birth changed completely. No matter how you view birth, I ask you to please watch this documentary. You might be surprised by what you find!


Ina May is has been a midwife for years and attended several thousand births – she knows her stuff! I first met her in the Business of Being Born Documentary and was intrigued. I loved her guide to childbirth and have learned so much about birth from her!

* Please note: the first half of the book is birth stories; the second half is practical advice. Some of the birth stories weren’t for me. If they aren’t for you either, please still read the practical section. There’s so much wisdom to be shared, even if some of her stories are a little too crunchy for you.


No matter what faith you consider yourself of, I challenge you to give this book a read. The declarations and positive language helped build my faith concerning my baby, my body, and my birth. I said declarations from this book every night. There is even a section on struggling to get pregnant which I highlighted and gave to a dear friend. There is wisdom, love, and faith to be shared in this book.

I hope you enjoyed my must have pregnancy products! What would you add to the list? If you enjoyed this post, please share with a friend who is expecting and save it to Pinterest for later!

No matter what faith you consider yourself of, I challenge you to give this book a read. The declarations and positive language helped build my faith concerning my baby, my body, and my birth. I said declarations from this book every night. There is even a section on struggling to get pregnant which I highlighted and gave to a dear friend. There is wisdom, love, and faith to be shared in this book.

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