Fall wreaths are a must in my house. I’m obsessed with all things fall, but the price point of some of the beautiful wreaths in the craft stores can just be too much for me.

Stick around to read how I made my fall wreath with supplies on a budget – without looking cheap!

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Hey, friends!

Today we’re going to be talking about how to create a DIY Fall wreath, and save some money doing it!

And since fall is basically here, a happy little fall themed wreath just felt right (I L O V E all things fall and I’m not even ashamed that it’s still technically August).

I started doing wreaths a few years ago when we had recently bought a house and I was itching to decorate it how I wanted to and not with what was available from the garage sales my aunt attended.

While I was so grateful for the little first house we had at the time, it never really felt like my own. When we bought our first house, I was so excited to decorate it and make it feel like our home!

I wanted a wreath for my front door, but when I looked at a few price tags, I thought, “I can do that for cheaper than that….” So I started scouring the internet for tutorials and made my basic Pinterest wreath board.

Pin it for later here.

So I got some stuff and out came my very first wreath. I was so happy with how it turned out and realized I actually wasn’t terrible at it and had a lot of fun doing it! I’ve done about 15 now and learned a ton in the process, which I wanted to share with you!

Here we go!


1) Get a vision.

What season are you wanting your wreath to be? Theme? Color scheme? Look at different pictures and tutorials and have a combination of several in mind that you want to kind of marry with what you can find.

2) Know How to Shop.

This is important. You CAN, technically… Get everything you need to make a wreath at Dollar Tree… But it’ll look like you got everything to make your wreath at Dollar Tree.

This is definitely what you don’t want, especially if you have any plans to attempt to sell wreaths or give them as gifts. You want it made as cheap as possible, without LOOKING cheap.

I’ve given them as Christmas gifts and wedding gifts and the recipients loved them! That’s the best feeling ever. And if you want to sell them for a profit, no one is going to pay enough for you to make a profit if it looks like a Dollar Tree special.

The trick here is getting a combination of different stuff from different places and mingling them together. I have gotten stuff from Walmart, Dollar Tree, garage sales, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, Dollar General, and Amazon.

⭐️ Pro Tip: The Michael’s 99 cent section or the seasonal sections of Walmart, Dollar General, and Dollar General can be gold mines!

Clearance sections right after the season ends are PRIME TIME. You have to have some foresight for this one since it’ll be at least 9 months ahead, but it pays to look ahead.

Sometimes you can combine a coupon or use the Hobby Lobby 40% coupons and get a great deal, too.


For this wreath, I used:

  1. Approx. a 17” grapevine wreath 》Walmart
  2. Floral bouquets + sunflowers 》 Walmart
  3. A scarecrow 》 Dollar Tree
  4. Little pumpkins on sticks (my favorite part!) 》Dollar Tree
  5. Artificial apples 》 Garage sale
  6. Wire cutters 》Stolen from my husband
  7. Needle nose pliers (or pointy twisties, as I call them) 》 Also stolen from my husband
  8. Floral wire 》 Husband’s, again (technically)
  9. A hot glue gun 》 Amazon (I have this one and the refills and I really like it! ⭐️ Pro Tip: toward the end of the stick, put a little dab of glue on the new stick and load it and it’ll stay together!)

3) Choose what wreath style you like.

There’s several options here. Personally, I don’t like the wire frames. I have used them, but I have a harder time covering them, making them look full, and attaching things to the frame.

However, I’ve seen others work with them with great success! This is just a personal preference.

For my rustic wreaths, I like the grapevine ones. I find them easier to weave and stick pieces where I want them.

I’ve seen them in several places. The one in this tutorial was from Walmart for about $5.

4) Now for the fun part! Start by laying out your stuff how you like it.

Now we’re getting to the fun part!! Once you have your supplies for your wreath, set your favorite drink nearby, pop on some music, and get comfy.

Lay out all your stuff how you like it, plug in your hot glue gun, and let’s get started!

I like to have my wreath in the middle, my decor on my right, and my glue gun on my left.

Look at your wreath and decide what will be the top. Since this one had kind of a prominent point, I decided to make that the top.

5) Get an idea of your layout.

Start playing with your stuff and get an idea of how you want to put it on your wreath.

Ask questions like:

Where will your focal point be?

Will it be symmetrical?

How will you attach your focal point?

6) Secure your focal point.

I either do this very first or very last, depending on what and where it is.

For this one, since it was a large piece right in the middle, I wanted to work around it.

This scarecrow had a long rod on the back and was easy to weave into the wreath. I knew I wanted him to look like he was sitting, so I did it on the backside, with the legs hanging over the front.

After I weaved the rod in, I used floral wire to create an X-shape, twisted it tightly with my pointy twisties, then secured it with hot glue on all sides.

⭐️Pro Tip: Put down an ugly old sheet from your great-grandma when hot gluing on your carpet. Don’t be like me.

7) Start cutting apart your bouquets, leaving enough stem to secure them.

At this point you will feel like you’ve created a pile of mulch. You’re doing it right!

8) Make it your own!

This is the fun part!! Mess around with it before you secure anything down, but this is the part I can’t tell you how to do.

Arrange it how you like it!

As you get going, decide which direction you will work.

For this guy, I worked from the inside out, but if I’m going all the way around (or part of the way around), I always go counterclockwise so my right hand is leading. The other way feels backwards to me.

Secure the pieces the same way we did the focal point (the scarecrow, in this case).

Position it, weave it through the twine, secure tightly with wire, then reinforce it with hot glue on all sides.

As you position the wire, curve the end a bit and tuck it into and behind the wreath so that it isn’t visible, and cover the ends with a dab of hot glue so you won’t cut yourself.

Sometimes if the pieces are small enough, you can get away without wire. Just make sure you’re securing it from several different angles if you do this and test its security after the glue dries.

⭐️ Pro Tip: If your hot glue gun has that annoying gap at the very end where it won’t push in the center, you can do a dab of hot glue on your new stick and stick it to the old one. -finger guns-

9) Clean it up just a tad.

Go around and lop off any branches that don’t fit, make sure there’s no sharp parts, and that everything is secure. Just don’t go too crazy cleaning it up or it won’t be quite so rustic anymore.

That’s it!!

These make for great gifts, keepsies if you need another wreath to brighten up your home, or even to sell if you know what you spent so that you can make a profit.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial for your own DIY Fall Wreath!

If you did, please pin for later reference!

Happy Fall!!

I hope you have as much fun as I do making your fall wreath!

Keep on craftin’ on, friends!

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