Meet Hannah

Hi, friends! I’m so glad you’ve stopped by! I’m Hannah, or more commonly called, “Mom”. I love Jesus first, my awesome husband, Joey, second, and our beautiful kids third. Our love story starts in 2012, in 11th grade English, when the shy kid that sat two seats in front of me shyly started talking to me. That blossomed into being best friends, and the rest is history.

I write about what I know, which is mostly momin’ and wife’in’ (those are Webster’s approved, right?). I love my people more than life. They drive me nuts and keep me sane at the same time which is a crazy weird mix, let’s be honest, but if you’re a mom, you feel that in your soul.

I’m a professional ring leader (because with us, the circus is always in town), baby cuddler, food maker, secretary, and kid chauffeur, just to name a few of my many mom hats. As you read this, I’m probably drinking an iced coffee with a baby on a hip telling one of my little short stacks to give it back.

In my free time, I like painting, writing, baking, cooking (bonus if someone will do the dishes for me), crafting, yoga, and dating my sweet husband. I’m a lover of things that feed my soul: music, sunshine, flowers, dark chocolate, coffee, travelling, laughing, adventures, trying new things, making memories, and spreading kindness.

I started Tiny Joyful Treasures 3 weeks postpartum, sitting at the dining room table with Lexi breastfeeding. True story. I did it because I wanted to create a community of women that lifted each other up. I want to spread kindness, help others, share what I know, make people laugh, and encourage moms that aren’t all that different from me. This is a safe place where my goal is to encourage you to look forward, make you laugh even if you’ve felt like crying all day, help you be the best version of you, expand your horizons, and remind you that you’re not alone in this mom thing.

Let’s be friends!

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