Is Pinterest with Ell worth it? I’ll be honest, it has been one of the most affordable and best spent money I have sank into my blog.

All bloggers and business owners know that you have to spend money to make money. This was an affordable and worthwhile investment that I am so happy I discovered early on. 

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Back Story

I think I first discovered Ell’s blog when I started dabbling in the idea of starting a blog in early 2018. This was at the point where I had planned it out in excruciating detail (a literal 5 page Word doc) but didn’t have the backbone quite yet to pull the trigger.

I was instantly intrigued by Ell’s extensive knowledge, and pinned away like a dutiful Pinterest user to return to later. And return I did, more times than I could count.

I loved Ell’s blog because it was always so thorough and extensive, and she was one of the first bloggers I had encountered who I felt like was being honest with me and not just trying to sell me something which was huge to me and made me trust her.

Personally, I am far more likely to purchase something from a person who I feel like is being honest with me; even when I’m told about cons of something upfront. In fact, maybe even especially if I’m told about the cons upfront.

I added Ell to my information database on my blogging board. That board had far more knowledge than I was even prepared to digest at that point.

I moved on with my life until this past January, I believe, when I started diving a little deeper into the world of blogging. This was after I felt like I had a firm grasp of the basics and needed to take it to the next level.

I had started my blog 3 weeks postpartum as part of a hormone roller coaster I was riding in April of 2019 and spent 6 months learning and building it. I never officially found the launch button so I guess it was always live, but in October of 2019, I finally announced the existence of my blog to more than just my husband, best friend, grandma, and parents.

I’m not going to use this space today to go into detail about the stupid newbie mistakes I made in those first two months, but basically I was getting almost no blog traffic.

We’re talking 279 sessions that first month that I got over my nerves of what people would think and finally announced TJT’s existence to everyone who knew I was alive and cared to read it.

Come January 2020, I stumbled across Pinterest with Ell. I wish I could look in your eyes and tell you that it was the single best thing I have done to bring my blog traffic so you could see the sincerity in my eyes, but since that isn’t an option, you’ll have to imagine my emotion through this review. Liken it to the sincerity of a passionate toddler telling

Without a doubt, Pinterest with Ell was one of the two best investments I have made for my blog so far (the first was Blogging Blastoff)! Hands down.

It’s affordable, comprehensive, and Ell is such a sweet and genuine person who graciously makes herself available to her readers in the most personal way I have ever seen. 

At a glance, here what you learn about in Pinterest with Ell:

  • How to set up your Pinterest account as a business account
  • How to enable rich pins and what that means
  • Where to incorporate keywords
  • How to do keyword research
  • All about the new features Pinterest has recently rolled out (like Trends, Audience Insights and Story Pins)
  • What Pinterest analytics are and how to use them
  • Everything you could ever want to know about Tailwind including board insights, analytics, board lists, tribes, and more
  • Different pinning strategies to try
  • Manual pinning vs. automated pinning
  • How to do your own Pinterest Audit
  • All about group boards
  • How to create pins that convert
  • And so much more!

I thought I knew about Pinterest when I started this course, and actually cracked myself up at that thought after I dove into this course! 

Pros and Cons

What I loved:

  • SO incredibly comprehensive! It contained so much knowledge about things that I didn’t even know where things!
  • Small sections that are easy to read.
  • Breaks everything down in a step by step, Pinterest for Dummies format that I appreciated 😂 Everything is so easy to understand, even if you have to read it a few times because it is a lot of information!
  • Access to her Facebook Group – but you don’t have to take the course to join it! 
  • Ell is incredibly responsive and quick to get back with her people. She is the most engaged blogger on a personal level I have ever seen, and has a gift for forming virtual friendships! 
  • Lifetime access to the course.
  • VERY QUICK updates! Last month, Pinterest changed their algorithms and what they were prioritizing. I was 50 shades of lost. With the changes, my monthly viewers dropped about 100k. I was frustrated and so unmotivated! But Ell had every section of her course updated within maybe 2 weeks of the changes. I have always been so impressed with her speed and how she manages to do as much as she does, but she seriously blew me out of the water with such fast and extensive updates. I hadn’t even had time to figure out what they wanted, and she’s over here teaching what they want! 
  • Generous affiliate program with a 30% commission per sale!
  • Real time help from a real Pinterest expert!
  • Incredibly affordable!
  • Self-paced course. 

Areas for Improvement:

  • Honestly, none!

Six Takeaways to Consider:

  1. You can only learn by reading so much. You have to just do it to really learn. There is a knack for creating pins that some people just have and some have to work harder at. I have to work harder at it, but the longer I do it, the better I’m getting at it! I’m sharing a few of my best pin stats below to encourage you along with the disclaimer that I have had pins that got single digit impressions, 0 saves and 0 clicks.
  2. Ell will tell you but I want to reiterate this: It takes time. She always says 3-6 months. I took a solid 3 months to see a difference and I’ve been mostly consistent with off days here and there.
  3. You might hit a plateau or have your numbers go up and down. This is normal! They won’t always be headed up. The road to success is never straight. Last month, my monthly views dropped by 100k after the algorithm change in those awkward weeks of trying to figure out what works now. It hurt. Keep trying anyway!
  4. It takes time and it takes work. Especially with the new algorithm, it takes me a solid 6 hours a week to create pins, manually pin and schedule pins – but it works when you work it. When something isn’t working, figure out what you can do differently to make it work better.
  5. Everyone is not the same. Just because it works for one blog doesn’t mean it’ll work for yours because they don’t have your audience. Don’t be afraid to try new strategies and work to find your sweet spot. You fit. You just have to find where.
  6. Google Analytics > Pinterest Analytics. They are notoriously glitchy. I always take them with a grain of salt and trust Google most, Tailwind second, and Pinterest third.
Pin stats: 40.84k impressoins, 143 saves, 2.13k link clicks
Pin stats: 19.2k impressions, 188 saves, 20 link clicks
pin stats: 59.16k impressoins, 247 saves, 24 link clicks

Lastly, these screenshots show my growth in the last 90 days, although I really started implementing her strategies in February.

**Side note: my monthly views used to be around 400. No not thousand, 400! The earliest “low” screenshot I have is 30k because that’s when I noticed it rapidly going up.

Subsequently, my blog traffic also spiked. This growth is since February when I started implementing Ell’s Pinterest strategies:

I hope you loved this review and found it helpful! If it sounds like this is going to be an awesome fit for you, you can sign up for Pinterest with Ell here!

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