Resources for Bloggers

Resources bloggers actually need can be tricky to come by! I didn’t know where to start, so I wanted to share my very favorite tools that I couldn’t blog without here.

Blogging can be so fun and so rewarding, but there is a huge learning curve! It is tricky in the beginning to learn the ropes. If I could go back and tell myself anything at the beginning of my blogging journey, it would be to invest in these tools.

You can see a much more detailed breakdown of each of these tools here.

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Self hosting comes with an array of benefits including full ownership of your blog, a more professional looking domain name, better for SEO, and greater ability to customize!

I use Siteground to host my blog and have been very happy with it. If you need a step by step to set up your blog with Siteground, I love this tutorial from one of my favorite bloggers, EllDuclos.


This 30 day course is the absolute ultimate how to in blogging! I was hesitant to invest in it upfront, but it supercharged my ability to learn because all the information I needed on every topic you can think of is right in front of you.

This course takes you from the very beginning and shows you how to build your blog from the ground up, then proceeds to hit on every blogging topic that exists! Feel free to dip your toe in the water and get started with their free 5 day email crash course.

You can read my honest review of Blogging Blastoff here!


To learn how to absolutely own Pinterest, Pinterest with Ell was a total game changer to me!

Ell has this Pinterest thing figured out with over eight million monthly views and 100,000 pageviews/month from Pinterest, and she generously shares everything she knows in hopes of helping me and you!

I have been implementing her strategies since February, and have seen consistent growth and traffic from Pinterest since.

To read my detailed course review including screenshots of my growth and what you will learn in Pinterest with Ell, click here!


For me, Canva is an absolute must! I have the Pro version and love it! I use it to create all my pins, printables, and as I have gotten more comfortable with it I even rebranded my site with it myself!

Using Canva, I created a new logo with matching Pinterest board covers, an animated Pinterest cover, signature, and more. Owning it is my favorite because I have the ability to make all my graphics match to create a cohesive brand.

I even use Canva in my personal life now to make cards, printables, journal pages, birthday banners and decor, and more!


As much as I love Canva, I absolutely wouldn’t be able to use it how I do without my Hautestock subscription.

I had a hard time finding a stock photo subscription site that was a great fit for me because I needed beautiful stock photos that went beyond a peony and a computer. They have those, too! But I love that they have beautiful lifestyle photos that can work well for my lifestyle and motherhood related content, as well.

I know that photos from Hautestock will always have the bright, crisp look I love and give my pins a unique look that is hard to achieve with Canva alone.


Hautestock and Canva are awesome, but the thing that really pulls those things together in the Pinterest trifecta is Tailwind. I used to aim to pin 25-35 times a day, and I simply couldn’t have kept up with it if it wasn’t for this amazing scheduler.

**Note: with the new Pinterest algorithm, I now pin about 15 times a day; still with a mix of manual and scheduled pinning. At this time I still use and love Tailwind.

At this time, it is the only approved scheduler to be used with Pinterest. I manually upload a few pins a day, and Tailwind does the rest! I schedule them and they automatically upload at the selected times. Easy peasy!


I have come to love blogging honestly. But the day I heard that you can bankrupt yourself and lose your house and assets if you don’t protect yourself and your blog legally, I panicked a little bit.

I had heard about having to disclose certain things and privacy settings and had written what I thought was a solid privacy and disclosure policy that I had on my blog. Little did I know, my policies that I wrote didn’t hit ANY of the points I needed to!

I discovered Amira’s legal bundles and absolutely loved them. There are so many templates for everything you could imagine and they are so thorough and extensive.

Amira is a blogger and lawyer and man, it shows. I remember the day I spent probably four hours in a Starbucks writing what I thought was awesome disclosure and privacy policies until I read hers!

No joke, I went through and filled in the blanks in about fifteen minutes. I’m not kidding! I remember even saying to my husband, “Is that seriously it?! That was so easy!” I know that sounds corny, but it’s true. Ask Joey.

I also love that they can be purchased separately or as a comprehensive bundle which is what I have and have been very happy with!

Now I know that my blog is protected and secure and I have the peace of mind that my belongings and the roof over my family are secure.